FedEarthData: Federated Earth System Simulation and Data Processing Platform

The Federated Earth System Simulation and Data Processing Platform provides a distributed infrastructure of data and compute providers to support the execution of  Earth System Simulation and Data Processing workflows at scale.

It offers a flexible cloud-based data processing capacity to create and scale data processing pipelines that run on optimised execution environments near the data. Jupyter Notebooks and openEO API offer user friendly and intuitive processing of a wide variety of Earth Observation datasets on these computing providers, including the ability to integrate these data with modelling and forecasting workflows leveraging specialised compute resources.

Providers of the Copernicus Data Processing Platform already count with an extensive collection of Copernicus datasets, managed according to the FAIR principles, and may be further extended with new datasets requested by users of the platform.

Who can apply?

The FedEarthData service targets international students and researchers, research organisations, projects, communities and groups, as well as businesses and innovators who are interested in executing their Copernicus and/or Earth Observation data processing and analysis workflows.

What’s in it for you?

FedEarthData offers brokering for access to compute and storage resources hosting Copernicus data and compute platform services supporting Earth Observation data analytics, data management services and related documentation and training material. FedEarthData service enables you to:

– Create and execute Copernicus and/or Earth Observation data processing workflows.

– Easily access European Cloud IaaS and reduce your reliance on proprietary, commercial cloud platforms.

– Access a large repository of Copernicus data collections.

– Receive support for the development of scalable cloud agnostic and interoperable solutions.

– Develop collaboration with European research infrastructures.

– Contribute to raising awareness about the European Open Science Cloud and its community.

The offering

– Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds, High-Throughput Compute, High-Performance Compute and storage resources.

– A portfolio of Workflow Solutions that can be used and customised on the infrastructure resources for your analysis.

– Platform services to manage complex workloads, train AI models, deploy automated clusters, run containerised applications and perform interactive analysis with Notebooks.

– Data management services to discover, catalogue and cache data across multiple compute and data sites.

– Federation services to manage user access.

– Access to the C-SCALE user community to engage with the other users and experts.

How to request access to the FedEarthData Service?

Applicants are requested to provide the following information:

– Project representative and optionally additional contact person

– Description of the activities that are planning to perform with the FedEarthData service

– Software and hardware requirements (i.e., number of CPUs, amount of RAM, amount of storage resources)

– Data requirements. If you need support from C-SCALE to provision data for your activities and workflows, please have a look at what’s already available in the Earth Observation – Metadata Query Service. If the data of interest is not available in the EO-MQS, please share with us a URL pointing to an official Copernicus data product that you would like to have ready to run your workflow. We will do our best to provide it.

Orders can be submitted by filling in and sending the application form (linked in the Access button above) by e-mail (to contact@c-scale.eu).

Acceptance Procedure

Orders submitted to access the FedEarthData services are shared with the C-SCALE service providers to gauge interest and the applicants are contacted within 1 month by interested service providers, indicating the specific access conditions and individual agreement to be signed.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@c-scale.eu.