Work Packages

WP1: Project management

This Work Package will oversee the overall project administration, finance and project management including definition and coordination of the quality and risk management. It will coordinate monitoring of resource and financial expenditures, contractual obligations and reporting. High-level supervision of Work Packages, internal review of deliverables and plans, monitoring of risk analysis, contingency plans, procedures, KPIs and metrics will also be managed by WP1.

T1.1 Administration and Finance (Lead partner: EODC)

T1.2 Activity Coordination (Lead partner:

T1.3 Quality Management (Lead partner: EODC)

D1.1: Consortium Agreement (Lead: EODC) – M1

D1.2: Data Management Plan V1 (Lead: EODC) – M6

D1.3: Progress Report for Technical Review (Lead: EODC) – M9

D1.4: Periodic Report (Lead: EODC) – M18

D1.5: Data Management Plan (Update) (Lead: EODC) – M18

D1.6: Final Report (Lead: EODC) – M30

WP2: Copernicus Data Federation

This Work Package will set up the Copernicus Data Federation, making data held by the federation members (including the involved DIAS platforms as well as the collaborative ground segment nodes) available to C-SCALE users and automated workflows. It will also support access to Copernicus data held by third parties, especially where compatible with solutions used in the federation, and maintain or even improve the level of FAIRness of data held by individual members in the federation through the adoption of related EOSC standards and best practices.

T2.1 Copernicus Data Source Federation (Lead partner: CESNET)

T2.2 Integration of metadata databases (Lead partner: EODC)

D2.1: C-Scale Copernicus Data Access and Querying Design (Lead: CESNET) – M6

D2.2: C-Scale Copernicus Data Lookup, Access and Dissemination Final Implementation Report (Lead: CESNET) – M26

WP3: Copernicus Compute Federation

This Work Package will define the type and level of integration/federation in the compute federation. It will also coordinate and implement compute federation, leveraging existing EOSC services, standards and interoperability guidelines. Integration of IaaS compute resources into the federation is also coordinated by WP3. Additionally, it will integrate managed HTC and HPC compute resources into the federation, enable Kubernetes and other Docker orchestrators into Copernicus compute and data platforms.

T3.1 Cloud computing resources federation in the project platform (Lead partner: INFN)

T3.2 I Integration of high performance clusters in the federation (Lead partner: SURFsara)

T3.3 Implement batch processing environment and interactive analysis environment (Lead partner: VITO)

D3.1: Initial Design of the Compute Federation (Lead: – M6

D3.2: Compute federation optimised for Copernicus data analytics (Lead: – M26

D3.3: End user documentation for batch processing system (Lead: VITO) – M15

D3.4: Periodical assessment of the services V1 (Lead: – M12

D3.5: Periodical assessment of the services V2 (Lead: – M18

D3.6: Periodical assessment of the services V3 (Lead: – M24

D3.7: Final assessment of the services (Lead: – M30

WP4: User co-design and functional testing of Copernicus data and compute federation

This Work Package will set up the User Forum as the mechanism for the user community to provide feedback to data and compute federation
providers. It will also iteratively (during the progressive implementation of the C-Scale data and compute federation) deploy mature use cases on the C-Scale federated infrastructure to test its usability and functional design. WP4 will also provide feedback via a User Forum to the C-Scale federated infrastructure providers on how to improve its implementation.

T4.1 Deploy use cases to test functional design (Lead partner: Deltares)

T4.2 User Forum and functional co-design (Lead partner: Deltares)

D4.1: User feedback report on the functional design of the federation (Lead: Deltares) – M18

D4.2: Final report on integrating use cases in C-Scale, including user feedback report (Lead: Deltares) – M30

WP5: Capacity building, dissemination, and exploitation

This Work Package will focus on the execution and refinement of the plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results (presented in Section 2.2.2). Due to the importance of the EOSC as a dissemination and exploitation channel, the Work Package will also coordinate engagement with VA and other service providers to EOSC. To support capacities of the EOSC and EO communities to use the whole palette of C-SCALE services, the Work Package has a dedicated task for user support and training. This will provide an effective channel for gathering feedback related to service offered and their innovation potential. The long-term exploitation models are based on a sustainability blueprint that is prepared in collaboration with key stakeholders from the EO and EOSC communities (including other projects funded in the INFRAEOSC-07 and -03 calls).

T5.1 Provider onboarding support and VA coordination (Lead partner: EODC)

T5.2 Communication, outreach, and engagement with related projects (Lead partner:

T5.3 User support and training (Lead partner: EODC)

T5.4 Blueprint, business plan and sustainability (Lead partner:

D5.1: Project website, social media channels and internal collaboration tools (Lead: – M3

D5.2: Criteria for choosing candidates for the Early Adopter Programme (Lead: EODC) – M4

D5.3: Initial collection of training material (Lead: EODC) – M8

D5.4: Blueprint, business and sustainability plan V1 (Lead: – M12

D5.5: Blueprint, business and sustainability plan V2 (Lead: – M27